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Julius Reiss (Prof. Dr. rer. nat.)


+49 (0)30 314 24733 (Tel)
+49 (0)30 314 22638 (Fax)

Office: VWS 121
Post: TU-Berlin, Sekr. MB1
Müller-Breslau-Straße 15
10623 Berlin


Research Interests:


  • Compressible flows
  • Ion laden flows especially for electrospray ion sources
  • Numerical scheme development
  • Method development (currently adjoints and model reduction)



  • DFG Re 3774-1/1  Analyse und Simulation von ionengeladenen
    Gasströmungen durch Kapillaren
  • SFB 1029 A04: Simulation der pulsierenden Verbrennung unter erhöhten Drücken
  • CO-PI in RTG 2433/0 Daedalus, P10: Detection and analysis of coherent structures in direct numerical simulations of complex flows
  • CO-PI in RTG 2433/0 Daedalus, P13: Reduced model based optimization for flows with shocks

Scientific Contributions

Engels, T., Schneider, K., Reiss, J. and Farge, M. (2021). A Wavelet-Adaptive Method for Multiscale Simulation of Turbulent Flows in Flying Insects. Communications in Computational Physics. Global Science Press, 1118–1149.

Reiss, J. (2021). Optimization-Based Modal Decomposition for Systems with Multiple Transports. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, A2079-A2101.

Krah, P., Sroka, M. and Reiss, J. (2021). Model Order Reduction of Combustion Processes with Complex Front Dynamics. Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications ENUMATH 2019. Springer International Publishing, 803–811.

Bengoechea, S., Reiss, J., Lemke, M. and Sesterhenn, J. (2021). Adjoint-based optimisation of detonation initiation by a focusing shock wave. Shock Waves. Springer, 1432-2153.

Büchholz, S., Lemke, M., Reiss, J. and Sesterhenn, J. (2020). A "DIY" data acquisition system for acoustic field measurements under harsh conditions.


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