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Transfer conditions and transmission bias in capillaries of vacuum interfaces
Zitatschlüssel BERNIER2020116239
Autor Laurent Bernier and Markus Taesch and Stephan Rauschenbach and Julius Reiss
Seiten 116239
Jahr 2020
ISSN 1387-3806
DOI https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijms.2019.116239
Journal International Journal of Mass Spectrometry
Jahrgang 447
Zusammenfassung A detailed study of the transport of ions in transfer capillaries of electrospray ion sources is presented. The laminar flow field for various capillary sizes and wall temperatures is calculated. It forms the base of ion transfer simulation of a large number of ions with space charge. This allows to study the thermodynamical conditions of the ions during transfer, which are found to vary strongly with the capillary dimensions. The dependence of mass flow and ion current on the size of the capillary is presented. Simple scaling relations are derived and tested. The method also allows to predict a transmission bias between different ion species depending on the difference in ion mobility and the composition of transferred ion clouds.
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