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Simulation of pulsating combustion under increased pressures


The aim of the project is the depth investigation of the processes of pulsating-detonative combustion. Essential for the technical application of pulsating combustion is a fast and reliable transition from deflagration to more efficient detonation (DDT). In the experiment, a reliable DDT was found for a special geometry, consisting of a chamber with a convergent-divergent nozzle. The numerical simulation finds the DDT at the narrowest cross section as a complex interaction of different phenomena, in particular flame acceleration and shock focusing, which in turn is consistent with the measured pressure data. The underlying phenomena are strongly dependent on the speed of sound, heat release and characteristics of the flame as well as the boundary and start conditions, thus on the mixture properties and the operating conditions.

The running processes will be examined in detail and the behavior under changing operating conditions will be clarified, especially the reliability of the DDT at high pressures and temperatures. The latter is necessary for the design of the entire machine, since the combustion chamber will work with pre-compressed air. Further insights into the physical process should show possible improvements. In order to depict the dependence of the process on different operating conditions, the description of kinetics and gas properties must have these dependencies. This is made possible by non-constant heat capacities and a detailed chemistry (hydrogen). The actual DDT mechanism will then simulated more accurately. The fine resolution of the flame also makes it possible to more accurately simulate their interaction with turbulence, thus improving the overall predictive quality. Finally, the nitrogen oxide production will be simulated.


Julius Reiss (Prof. Dr. rer. nat.)

Mathias Lemke (Dr.-Ing.)

Mario Sroka (M.Sc.)

Sergio Bengoechea (M.Sc.)


DFG SBF 1029/I A04

DFG SBF 1029/II A04


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