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Acoustics of Turbulent Fluid-Structure Interactions


One main research subject of the Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Engineering Acoustics deals with Helmholtz Resonators in a Turbulent Boundary Layer.

For industrial use, hollow chambers in a turbulent flow are frequently surveyed. Often in expansive experimental runs, various configurations are tested in order to fulfill design objectives. There is a huge lack of understanding of the basic interactions between turbulence and acoustics.

The goal of the research is to develop acoustic models, which can describe realistic conditions (finite thickness of the boundary layer) and non-linearities (e.g., resonances of the boundary layer and the chamber).
To achieve this goal, Direct Numerical Simulations are conducted and previous acoustic models are developed further. Finally, a better prediction of the acoustic properties of a hollow chamber in turbulent flow should be made possible, which simplifies the design process.

Application Possibilities

  • Muffler/exhaust silencer
  • Acoustic liners for (jet) engines
  • Open wheel bays of (aircraft during take-off and landing)
  • Sunroof and window buffeting
  • Gas pipeline intersection
  • Wind instruments: transverse flute, pipe organ





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