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Numerische FluiddynamikDr. Juan José Peña Fernández

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Juan José Peña Fernández (Dr.-Ing.)



Post: TU-Berlin, Sekr. MB1
Müller-Breslau-Straße 15
10623 Berlin

Wissenschaftliche Beiträge

Tournigand, P., Taddeucci, J., Gaudin, D., Fernández, <. P., Del Bello, E., Scarlato, P., Küppers, U., Sesterhenn, J. and Yokoo, A. (2017). The initial development of transient volcanic plumes as a function of source conditions. Submitted to Journal of Geophysical Research

Cigala, V., Küppers, U., Fernández, <. P., Taddeucci, J., Sesterhenn, J. and Dingwell, D. (2017). The dynamics of volcanic jets: Temporal evolution of the exit velocity of pyroclasts from shock-tube experiments. Submitted to Journal of Geophysical Research

Spina, L., Taddeucci, J., Cannata, A., Sciotto, M., Del Bello, E., Scarlato, P., Küppers, U., Andronico, D., Privitera, E., Ricci, T., Fernández, <. P., Sesterhenn, J. and Dingwell, D. (2017). Multi-parametric investigation of fissure-fed multi-vent activity: the 2014 eruption of Etna volcano (Italy). Bulletin of Vulcanology

Tournigand, P., Fernández, <. P., Tadeucci, J., Perugini, D. and Sesterhenn, J. (2017). Fractal analysis: A new tool in transient volcanic ash plume characterization. European Geosciences Union General Assembly (EGU)

Fernández, <. P. and Sesterhenn, J. (2017). Effects of the Reynolds number on the starting jet. Physics of volcanoes

Persönliche Informationen


  • Diplom (Dipl.-Ing., Universidad Politecnica Madrid)
    Assessment of four LES subgrid scale models for supersonic jet noise (Prof. Dr. sc. techn. habil. J. Sesterhenn)



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