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Welcome to Faculty V of the TU Berlin!

Premises of IWF, one of the seven institutes of Faculty V of TU Berlin, at the banks of the river Spree

Faculty V of Mechanical Engineering and Transport Systems combines classical engineering sciences such as Mechanical Engineering, Automobile Technology, Computational Engineering Sciences, Microtechnology, Medical Engineering and Aeronautics, as well as Psychology and Ergonomics, under one roof. The area where people, technology and society meet forms the basis of the framework of our diverse focal points in research and teaching. With this profile, Faculty V is both a unique and highly interesting training school in the realm of engineering sciences, in which people are the key focus: technology is not seen as merely an end in itself, but rather in close interconnection with society. We like to stick to the tradition of German engineering, which has always been characterized by its particularly close relationship with the working world, based on the scientific review of technological and economic problems.

We offer four bachelor courses and thirteen master courses, including the international master course "Global Production Engineering". Further innovative bachelor and master courses are currently being planned.

A constantly increasing number of students - in 2016 approximately 5300 students enrolled - clearly shows the attractiveness of our Faculty, and has also forced us to introduce an across-the-board 'Numerus Clausus' policy (enrollment quota). With the strengthening of the applied approach in our courses, the comprehensive introduction of bachelor and master courses as a requirement for the easier recognition of university qualifications both abroad and within Germany, and numerous study and research cooperation agreements with partners from the academic and economic spheres on every continent, we are able to face the demands of a globalized world.

Research turns money into knowledge, while innovation turns knowledge into money. This guideline of our Faculty is put into effect via research teams, the founding of new companies, institutes affiliated to the university, and the double institute of the TU Berlin and the Frauenhofer Society: with its circular test hall, the architectural icon of the production engineering center symbolizes the quadrature of production engineering.
The integration of research in our teaching opens up perspectives for an education that is viable for the future and has strong ties to research. With this approach we are able to place a higher priority on offering specialized knowledge as well as a more general education and personal development. With essays, research projects, and a final thesis, as well as industry-related doctorates, not only are new processes, knowledge, technology, machines and systems developed at our Faculty, but also people with a higher level of academic and social competence. Furthermore, by encouraging creativity and teamwork amongst our students, we prepare them for their future roles as academic and professional leaders.
With our seven institutes and an efficient Faculty Service Center, we are well equipped for the challenges of the coming years. We know that excellence and innovation cannot simply be prescribed, but have to be worked for: the future comes on its own, but progress does not. We invite you to face these challenges with us!


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