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The Faculty Board is responsible for all questions and problems of the faculty as far as no other bodies or persons are assigned with these affairs, such as the issue of decrees, the coordination of teaching and research, the assurance of course offerings, the allocation and administration of the faculty’s budget, as well as the handling of all questions related to human resources. The Faculty Board consists of 13 members, is elected, and made up in equal measure.

The Boards of Examiners, usually connected to the academic programmes, are responsible for the organisation of all examinations, especially for the determination of times for applications and spaces of time for examinations, the appointment of examiners and observers, as well as for the fixing of the rules for the admission procedure. Further, the Boards of Examiners have to decide about the acceptance of course achievements as well as about applications aiming on a modification of existing or on the elaboration of temporary agreements for new study and examination regulations.

The Education Committees are consultatory bodies of the Faculty Board, and are in the same way elected and made up in equal measure.

This principle applies also to the Election Supervisor, responsible for the preparation and for the execution of the elections to be held within the university’s academic self-government.


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