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Standard Practice

The faculty still holds on to the time-honoured tradition in German engineering science of seeing the doctorate as the first step towards a career, rather than simply as an extended study. For this reason, the work of doctoral candidates should be regarded more as a full-time academic position than simply as a student project. Because of this philosophy, the involvement of candidates in scientific projects, which are carried out with external financing (and also usually in close cooperation with industry partners), is the most common scenario.

The path towards a doctorate (usually “Dr.-Ing.”, but “Dr. phil.” or “Dr. rer. nat.” are also possible) is regulated by the TU doctoral regulations, which are the same across the TU Berlin regardless of the applicant’s employment status or nationality.

The prerequisite for a doctorate is a completed diploma or master degree or an equivalent university qualification. Qualifications from other countries must be proven to be equivalent to the prerequisites required by German universities and/ or the TU Berlin. At the Recognition Office (Department International Affairs) the foreign final degrees are verified. If the qualifications are not found to be equivalent, additional qualifications will be necessary, or the doctoral application will be rejected.

Please note that it is necessary to directly contact a professor/chair doing research in the scientific field one wants to earn a doctor in and to ask for supervision. Usually professors offer research or teaching positions to PhD candidates. It may be helpful to look at the institutes and at the list of the professors. This will help to appreciate the research area and general conditions in regard to a PhD work at the respective chair. In case the favored doctoral topic is known and can be correlated with a respective professor/chair a transmission of a short academic proposal (one page maximum) and a CV might be helpful for allocating your desired topic within the research opportunities.

The formal application as a doctoral candidate should only be officially announced once a professor has agreed to undertake the supervising part. Applicants must submit the proposed topic together with a time- and work-plan and the relevant documents for the admission requirements to the faculty-service-center. For this, further information is available here.