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Partners & Cooperations

Veranstaltung des Sonderforschungsbereiches 281 „Demontagefabriken“ am Institut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Fabrikbetrieb der TU Berlin

The Technische Universität Berlin has close cooperative relationships with numerous industrial businesses, renowned independent research institutions, and more than 200 universities in Germany and all around the world. This strong research environment gives our students a practically orientated education as well as direct access to professional life, and simultaneously provides ideal conditions for cutting-edge research.

Businesses have always been lasting partners of the TU Berlin and School V (Transport and Mechanical Systems) in a variety of ways. However, companies are not only involved as financial backers of research projects or sponsors of professorships. In order to expand the cooperation, the university and its schools are always breaking new ground and initiating strategic alliances, which will in turn give the university and its partners a competitive edge. School V faces up to some of the most challenging projects in industry and society, and makes valuable contributions to the economic and technological profile of Berlin-Brandenburg through its comprehensive research activities in the areas of application-orientated fundamental research and applied research.

Against this background, School V of the TU Berlin (Transport and Mechanical Systems) cooperates, based on bilateral and university-wide agreements, with a large number of renowned scientific research institutions. These include BESSY – an electron storage ring, producing an ultra bright photon beam ranging from Terahertz to hard X-rays, operated by the Berliner Elektronenspeicherring Gesellschaft für Synchrotronstrahlung mbH, the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, the  Centre for Knowledge Interchange, established together by SIEMENS AG and TU Berlin at the TU campus, the German Aerospace Centre, the Ferdinand-Braun-Institute for ultrahigh frequency, member of the Forschungsverbund Berlin e. V., the Berlin Transport Technology Systems Network, the Fraunhofer-Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology, headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uhlmann of our faculty, the Fraunhofer-Institute for Assembly and Packaging Technologies for Microsystems, the Technology Foundation of Berlin, the VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH, which is the commercial wing of the German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies, the Confederation of Employers` and Business Associations of Berlin and Brandenburg, which is the leading Association of Trade and Industry in the Region Berlin-Brandenburg, the Berlin Centre for Microsystems Technology, as well as with the Centre for Technology and Society, a multidisciplinary research centre, established in 1994 at the Technical University of Berlin.

In addition, the school has a number of strategic co-operations, e. g. with the Institute of Railway Technology Ltd. or with the Berlin Centre for Flight Simulation Ltd. The latter operates an A330/A340 full flight simulator, which is the first in the world to have a dedicated scientific research facility. There are also numerous other cooperative agreements and contracts in addition to those mentioned above.


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