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Research Policy

Entwicklung neuer Flugführungssysteme (Weitsichtsimulation) für den Airbus A320 am Institut für Luft- und Raumfahrt der TU Berlin

Humanising Technology

Many technical applications can only be developed using fundamental research as a basis. This type of research is carried out in Faculty V, especially in the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, and in the Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics. The course offered in physical engineering science, which focuses on the fundamentals of engineering, prepares students for a career in research and development. Other research majors include industrial engineering and the development of disassembly plants, which will allow the environmentally friendly and less wasteful disassembly and recycling of appliances, such as washing machines, microwave ovens, motors, and also perhaps entire vehicles in the future.

The area where humans, technology and society meet is not only the basis for the framework of the course majors in our faculty, but also for our diverse research interests. For many technological applications, the interlocking of fundamental research with the users of these applications in industry is crucial in order to efficiently develop technologically innovative products and processes to a market-ready state. The following specialist areas are covered by Faculty V:

1.    Mobility and Transport – modes of transport and transport systems
2.    Production Engineering Systems
3.    Mechatronics, Microsystems Technology, and Medical-Technical Systems
4.    Human-Machine Systems and Interaction

These specialist areas are mutually complementary. For instance, microsystems technology can be applied both in medical technology as well as in telematic systems within vehicle engineering. In relation to the strategic future goals of the TU, the faculty sees these focal points as having particular relevance in the areas of mobility and transport, as well as in health, water and energy.

In addition, Faculty V participates in several interdepartmental priority research areas at the TU, such as the Human-Machine Systems Centre, the research area Fluid Systems Technology, as well as the Centre for Technology and Society.

On the following websites you can get an overview of the diverse range of teaching and research activities at the seven institutes of our faculty. You can also find information regarding research undertakings on the research websites of the institutes. For all questions and proposals for cooperation, please contact the appropriate academic staff members or researchers in the Faculty Service Centre directly (see buttons Research/ Contact and Service).

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