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Guidelines for staff and students

The Faculty Board of Faculty V of TU Berlin has elaborated and passed the following guidelines to facilitate the interaction between staff and students. The objective is to establish a good partnership between students and their academic teachers on the one hand, and to partially disburden the students regarding length and difficulty of study, and beyond to enhance the efficiency of administrative work of the faculty, on the other hand.

This in mind the guidelines, based on evaluation results, will continually get updated and developed further. In authority to steer and manage this process are the Deanery and the Officer for Studies of Faculty V.

Our guidelines strive to define rules, binding for both: the academic staff and the students. A short outline comprises:

- During vacation times the absence of staff might result in a deceleration of processes. Nevertheless, the departments will try to speed up the treatment of all concerns.
- Tests will be reviewed in general within four weeks; the results will get announced via notices in the departments and in the internet. Post-exam reviews of their tests are offered to the students; dates and times are announced at due time in advance.
- Final theses (diploma, bachelor and master theses) are regularly reviewed within six weeks by the full-time academic staff of the TU Berlin. External surveyors also strive to speedy evaluate these theses.
- The academic staff facilitates their student's work by an offer of an adequate number of possibilities to register for exams. Oral exams should take place real time to the end of the lecture (e. g. within the following span of time without seminars). Upon request the departments offer possibilities to insert for an examination within two months. Te achieved results of oral exams will get announced immediately after the test; if asked for by the student a short feed-back will be given.
- The students strive for studying without delay, and preferably within the standard time frame of the respective programme. Students should participate in the offered exams and should avoid to miss or to delay examinations.
- For all questions of the students each department provides a service email account. Students shall use this offer to clear their questions in good time to avoid further difficulties. All questions will get answered within four working days, at least provisionally if a problem should be difficult to answer. It is alluded also here that all study relevant information is available at the websites of the institutes and/ or of the departments, and this possibility to pick up information should be taken first.
- The university will issue the certificates within two weeks after that all required documents are available. Short surveys, e. g. for study visits abroad, will get prepared within the same span of time, more detailed surveys will get provided within due time. Students are requested to announce their wishes for surveys and certificates as soon as possible.

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